imageHere is my story, of how the Lord my Savior came in and saved me from the lions den. Two years ago, I was drinking on a regular basis. Then I started partying and hanging out with people in the bars. I reconnected with an old boyfriend and before long, he invited me back to his place to hang out. He began to make some phone calls to have one of his friends show up with some meth. My Ex loaded the meth in order to test it out to see whether it was good before he bought it . He found it to be good, so he bought some and we sat and smoked it all night long. We talked throughout the night about the past, which led to me and him getting back together again and seeing each other on the weekends. The only thing we would do, every time I would go over, is sit around and smoke meth, so needless to say I was hooked. I tried to stop, because it was getting to be more than I could handle.

I lost several jobs because of my drug addiction, and things were not going so well in my relationship either. I made the decision to walk away and stop seeing him, without saying anything to him for about 6 months. I thought I was doing okay, so I went out drinking one night and ran into my Ex boyfriend again at the same bar. We talked, and he said that he understood the reason I left . One thing lead to another and I was right back into smoking and eating meth. I moved in with him and started making deliveries of meth to some of his friends to pay for the dope I was smoking.

One month or so passed, when I found myself staying up for three, sometimes four days at a time. During that time is when things began to get stressful. There were certain things that was being said when I was in the room, between him and his buddies, that I could tell I wasn’t meant to hear. So when the two of us were alone, which was not too often, I would ask questions so that I could sort things out in my head. But his answer was to just simply offer me more dope. Another week or so passed and the thoughts in my head were out of control, but I just kept on eating dope, smoking dope, and trying to suppress everything. One night I was so conflicted with alot of things going through my mind. So that night my boyfriend was playing a game on his phone, and saying things like “torture,” ”trapped,” ”no one is getting out alive,” and “you’re going to die.” The only thing going on in my mind after hearing him say those things was, how I knew I didn’t want to smoke any more, I had to escape. I just kept thinking of how in the world am I going to get out of here, without him finding a way to keep me there. I did the best I could not to let him know I was scared. By the grace of God, I remembered telling him I needed to go pick up my last check. I knew that was the only way out for me without him suspecting anything. I believe he knew that I was not coming back. God made him to let me walk out that door. I left behind everything that I owned, other than what I had on. I got in my car and drove off leaving everything.

After I picked up my check I went to the bank without knowing where I was going. I had no clue where I was going to sleep. All I kept pleading with God was, “Please help me, I do not know what to do, God please help me!”. My phone rang and it was the guy I had just walked out on, and he was angry. I hung up on him, so he sent me a text, but I did not respond. Meanwhile, I was setting in my vehicle at a local park, just about getting ready to leave and one of his friends showed up in a work truck and tried to block me off from getting out of the park. I finally got away from him and got out of the park, but the next thing I saw was a few of his friends following me. I tried getting away from them, yet I wasn’t certain which way to go, I was still a little high from the night before.

I just kept driving around trying to get away from them, but His friends were still following me. Somehow I turned in a church parking lot and parked my car. I looked across the street and I saw another one of his friends, so I started my car and went around the building in the back where I parked. I began pleading with God “Help me please, God!”. I got out of my car and ran to the front doors of the church. I went through the doors and found a lady sitting at the front desk. I broke down and told her what was going on. She got up, locked the doors, and told me nothing was going to happen to me and I was safe. She told me, “No one is going to get in, you’re going to be okay, you’re in the Lord’s house.”

After that day, I let God know that I was never going to touch that stuff again. I started going to church, but not to the orginal church that I had attended in the past. So I went to different church, but I just felt that it wasn’t the church that I belonged to. I felt the Lord lead me back to that church I had left a year and a half ago.

I have to say, since I escaped my past. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful church family and about a month ago I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and was baptized. A lot of things have been so different for me since I gave my life to Christ. I now know the Lord is my one and only Savior.

Tamzan McCaughey
Evansville, IN

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