John Taylor 2I was raised in a christian home and early in my life I thought that I had accepted CHRIST as my savior. It was not until the age of 17 that I really started to understand what salvation truly is. One night while my pastor and I were at his house, we started talking and it was there that I gave my life to Christ.

I eventually discovered that being raised in a christian home that you encounter the overflow of blessings that GOD is giving your parents. But around the age of 18 I started to get away from GOD and went down some very rough roads. I got involved with alcohol and smoking a little, there were even a couple of times I thought of taking my own life. I was completely filled with a darkness and hopelessness I can’t explain. I often questioned if GOD would take me back and if he was done with me.

It was through two unexpected events in my life that God got my attention. First, in the death of my uncle; a great man with practical faith in God, who I was very close to. Second, being hit by a mini van one day while walking home from work. I was crossing the street at a stop light and the light turned green. I remember hearing the tires of the van screech then the impact. I rolled up onto the hood, while damaging the grill, my left shoulder hit the windshield, causing it to spider web as the van came to a stop. As I sled down the hood onto the street, I had some major bruising on my lower back and a minor cut on top of my head. Only by the grace of God I did not have one broken bone. I understand that God is completely responsible for me not being seriously injured or maybe worst, dead. Through this, GOD let me know that he was not done with me and that he still had a work to do in my life. I came to realize that I needed to rebuild my relationship with him.

Since then, I have been faithfully attending my church and serving as their internet multimedia administrator; running their facebook page and youtube channel. GOD is doing some amazing things and I can’t wait to see what he has planned for the future. I am in no way perfect, but through GOD’S grace I know He will give me the strength to overcome anything that may come my way.

John Taylor
Evansville IN

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