Laralee RobersonMy story is that…..I am 38 yrs. old and I am still struggling with things that happened during my childhood. During my childhood I went to church with my grandma all the time, and it was during that period I was saved and baptized; though I felt that I was forced to go to church. When I got old enough to make my own decisions, per se. Around 12 or so, I decided I didn’t need church anymore.
Skip ahead a bit, when I was 19 I got pregnant, and was under the impression that getting married was the best thing to do…so I did. Then came kid number 2. I thought, what kind of life am I gonna give these boys? I continually ask myself that question all the time. After awhile I found myself raising my boys by myself, with the help of a “boyfriend” that I left my husband for.
Yes, I did get divorced. I had an affair on my husband, and I left him for the guy I had an affair with, which led to violence and drugs. I am so not proud of that period in my life at all. I got addicted to drugs, the really bad kind of drugs, like meth. the whole time I was on meth I really didn’t have much care in the world. I figured God gave up on me, so why not give up on myself; Ya know? After soooo long of being treated like crap and being beat and eventually loosing my boys, I realized that something has to change……so I started praying everyday……I prayed that God would help me out of this bad situation.
After that period of my life was over, I met Tony. We have been together now for 5 and a half years! We have had our ups and downs, making the adjustments needed and quitin the drugs, which was hard for me, but I did it! I didn’t mention that I was molested as a child, which probably led me to bad choices in my life, but I was determined not to let that get me down, though it did. Maybe it was because I was embarrassed about it, but now I know that I have nothing to be embarrassed about, because it is truly “My Story” that has led me to where I am today.
We have started to attend church since Easter of this year, thanks to my brother who invited us to attend his church! Now I know that I have the love of God and the love of a really good man, who knows my past, because I told him about it all. I am so happy to have found God, and am looking forward to see what all He has in store for me! I also look forward to hearing the word of God, as I attend my new church, where they preach the word in such a way that Tony and I can understand it!!!

Laralee Roberson
Evansville, IN

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