Bryce HowardI was a boy always searching for a purpose in my life. Only finding out later in my life that what I was searching for wasn’t of this world. It wasn’t something you could find on the Internet and it wasn’t something natural man could have created and given to me. If that were the case, I would have had that soul desire to search for it.
That very search began for me when I was in middle school. Now middle school was probably the hardest part of being in school that I had to endure. Being that everyone was going through puberty and all the guys were full of testosterone including my self. So much testosterone in fact, that I ended up picking up a life changing pornography addiction. I never knew how bad this addiction had an effect on me until I was about to graduate high school.

For some random reason during the beginning of the second semester of my senior year, (this was after I had got my new job that I now had the opportunity to go to church), I started to have the desire to go to church again. So I started going back. The more times I went, the more times the conviction started to kick in more and more. That is, the conviction of the sinful life, I had no idea I was living. I had also realized that the church I was going to, wasn’t going to bring me to that purpose I was still longing to find. Then randomly, a couple of days after I had realized what was going on in my life, I realized I needed to change. My friend and his girlfriend calls me out of the blue and invites me to their church, and I said yes, considering the fact that I was so desperate to find this purpose. I thought to myself “Why not?”. So, I ended up going to their church for youth group, which was happening every Wednesday evening, and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much in fact, that I continued going to this church. I keep feeding on the stuff this church was giving me. I knew deep down in my heart with no doubt whatsoever that this place was going to lead me to that purpose. And a couple weeks after I had first started going, I finally had, after so many years of searching, not only found my purpose but something I can begin building my new life upon. The purpose I had been searching for wasn’t found in this Church but it was their love that pointed me to Christ and I’m extremely grateful for that.

By the grace of God and the conviction of the Holy Spirit about my pornography addiction, I had finally realized how bad this addiction was going to tear me apart. So I finally decided I needed to tell someone about it, because I realized that I had no power whatsoever to fight this in and of myself. Ever since then, God has changed and transformed me in a miraculous ways. God has so graciously put up barriers in my life so I may live and enjoy the freedom from sin He has given me when he died on the cross 2000 years ago.
It’s now been since March of 2013 that I committed my life to Christ, and I can now say that God has transformed my mind with his word and Holy Spirit. I can now live a holy life because of how God has shown me my need to be submitted to him. And in my submission to Him, I can find my purpose and my sinlessness.

Bryce H.
Evansville, IN

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